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How To Become A Disqualified Driver Quickly And Easily

Many people spend their time trying to become expert drivers and staying within the bounds of the law while out on the road. They do it to keep their local police and insurance agent happy. What about people who don't want regular car insurance? The rebel always prefers to do things a little differently from anyone else. That includes having insurance that will make them stand out from the common folk. Disqualified driver insurance is only for the very few elect. Here are some quick ways to achieve disqualified driver status within the next 24 hours:

Avoid Stopping For School Buses And Pedestrians

In order to quickly become a disqualified driver, curb the urge to stop for school buses just because the bus driver has a big sign out saying STOP. Waving hello as you drive by can further entice the bus driver to speed up the call to the local police department. The faster a driver can be charged, the quicker they can become eligible for disqualified driver insurance. And as for pedestrians - who pays road tax? Them or us? Run the freeloaders off the road.

Use The Shoulder Of The Road For Travel

There is simply no reason to drive stuck behind other motorists on the freeway when there is a wide open lane available on the shoulder. As with school buses and pedestrians, avoid stopping for anyone who may be changing a flat tyre with a door open. Car doors come off easily at high speeds. This will bring the cops along to offer good tidings of hit and run penalties.

Drink, Drive And Be Merry

Of course, drinking alcohol while operating a motor vehicle can get one in trouble. The problem is getting someone to notice a party going on in the car. Get drunk and get noticed. For fast disqualification, it is recommended that the driver get a large, clear ice chest full of open alcoholic beverages and place them on the dashboard. A bright disco ball with strobe lights hanging from the interior light fixture and loud music will attract the police in no time. A few rowdy people hanging out of the windows mooning at the approaching police cars can really speed things up. Don't forget to wear a lampshade on the head.

Copy The Professionals

Young teenagers have got the art of driver disqualification down to an exact science. They ride around on homemade motor bikes that are illegal to use out on the public roads. The show their interest in speed limit signs by bombing them with eggs, rocks and bullet holes. Some are so clever that they easily achieve disqualification status years before they are even eligible for a drivers licence.

Other Important Tips For Easy Disqualification

When trying to become a disqualified driver, it helps to place yourself in a position where the odds are favourable for getting maximum driver penalties. Never try to compete with other drivers for police attention. Wait until the wee hours of the morning when the only people on the road are the cops.

Need super-fast results? Do all of the above at the same time. Get an illegal motorbike, load it with booze, put a lampshade on the head, zip around a stopped school bus on the shoulder of the road and bomb all the speed limit signs with eggs while the passenger shows a bare posterior to the police car giving chase. Disqualified driver insurance status should now be a reality.